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Step 1: Join Our Private Facebook Group

The Blissful Parenting private Facebook Group is an amazing tribe of positive, like-minded parents committed to living their best! By surrounding yourself with like-minded people that believe that transformation is possible, it will be easier for you to stick with it and avoid reverting to ineffective methods. There are plenty of other "members-only" resources in there as well.

Step 2: Download the Games, Exercises, and Resources

These games, exercises, and resource are designed for neurodiverse children to help them learn and develop strategies to self-regulate their behavior. If you have ever been out of ideas about what you can do to help your child, this resource will help.

Step 3: Watch The Workshop Videos

The videos are located in our secure members area. All you need to do is login to get instant access to the entire workshop. It will take approximately 90 minutes to complete and by the end you will have learned the system and have generated some new solutions for behavior issues caused by neurodiversity such as sensory processing disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and much more!